Box will not be shipped until we get your email with the design (if we don't get an email first 48 hours, we will proceed to lese le bon ton roulette ship without design). .
All of our boxes are made of 100 post consumer recycled paper.
Pricing includes VAT and tracked shipping.Whether youre looking for a simple or complex stick and poke tattoo design, we would love to systeme reducteur keno en ligne help you by printing a custom stencil with the design you want.I hope the video is informative and helpful.We love hand poke tattooing, and we love our planet.Getting a stick and poke tattoo is a life-long decision and making sure your hand poked tattoo looks the way you want should be at the top of your priority list.All the items included in the kit are from top quality brands used by professionals in the tattoo industry.Make sure it's a sharp, printable design.You can have as many designs as you can fill in an A6 sized stencil, but please remember to: Specify the final size of the design/s. .It is a very simple process and costs next to nothing.The stick and poke tattoo kit custom edition is designed to help people get stick and poke tattoos safely, with the help of a custom made stencil, so you don't have to hand draw the design. .
All the items included in the kit are from top quality brands used by professionals in the tattoo industry. .

Send us a black and white design of the design you wish to hand poke to.One.5 x 4 inch piece of Free-draw (not-thermal) Stencil Transfer Paper Freehand paper allows for better visibility on dark skin tones.For privacy reasons needs your permission to be loaded.Try to send the design with the final size.We aim to offset the impact we have by utilizing recycled materials wherever possible and creating new initiatives for further improvements.Our kit components are never tested on animals.The stick and poke tattoo kit is designed to help people get hand poked tattoos safely.Send an actual image of a black and white design, no images of designs on skin.T: In this video I will be talking about and showing you how I make my stick and poke tools.
You will get two copies of the stencil, watch the video below to see how it works.
The kit includes: 2 custom A6 sized stencil paper squares with the design/s you choose * more info 2 medical surface coverings more info 1 Pair of nitrile gloves (S, M or L) more info 1 Disposable razor more info 2, alcohol prep pads more info.