Wonder why you all smell the same?
If you don't know what kind of woman sexuality power is, then please don't wear this.Check even your local drug store.It seems to want you to wear with something red and sexy.But this note was a common fragrance in the 30s 40s.I am so sympathetic to the younger generation of today because I am now a grandmother, and I remember when fragances were truly something (you know that it's not right-than what you get from 5, only 5, do you hear me, 5, five major companies.This is a fragrance to grab up quickly enjoy, mesmerize any one who may want to grasp your sillage.If Guerlain had the genius to take.I think the violin bottle is closest to the original and it smells terrific!Hell of a fragrance and yes like some male reviewers have noted, this stuff's unisex and quite masculine when you compare it to berry fruity sweet candy scents for girls.I know there are truly strong young women out there ready to explore the depths of their individual womanhood not satisfied with memories of the days when women were confined to the kitchen donned familiar garments stained with vanilla extract, fruit pie concoctions housed.This is a little dirty secret that you keep from everyone.
This also smells like the opening to Obsession Calvin Klein but for me this is less green-orange blossom or floral.
The great thing about this perfume is that it lasts such a long time (over 7 hours) and can be worn as a nocturnal fragrance for your night out after work and when you want to smell like the boldest of your girlfriends entourage.

First of all I'd like to congratulate any woman or man alive today, 2017, that has worn it and can wear it well because it's one of those rare fragrances that are not meant to be worn by just anyone.Not for girls seeking candy.And also speaks of really red lipstick and nails.It's like a costume that has the same size and can't be worn by younger people.I wore it in the 70's.None better in it's genre for the price.Paloma Picasso (esp the vintage) has accomplished this all women that have never explored the.You're not woman enough.The civet note is going to jump at you if you're not familiar with civet.It's meant to be worn in winter and autumn, not spring or summer.But I think this has nothing to do with glamour or even sex appeal.This is a mature fragrance, mature as in milf or cougar, older but hotter than hell lady, Anne Bancroft as Mrs.For me this is a really red perfume!I don't think of this as being a citrus floral.Full red lips are it, (PP signature.
Chypre genre but love their #5 should open up their horizons explore this wonderful, stunning, fabulous juice available at your local drugstore.
Even Adam's name means red in color is a given.) Red is energy- full throttle at it's best whether sexually or otherwise.