You can leap straight in but a bit of preparation will make things easier later.
From the solar generator make your way through the dock and up the stairs to the slave caves.
Back down and round to the left and into a small corridor with a broken gate.These visa points add up and eventually unlock new levels.The five green segments disappear and you get 15 pale red segments.The calibration of each gzmu comprises three stages: activation, location and calibration.Click on the button in the centre of the symbol and it will begin to pulse telling you that the cgzm is active.Look at your Ki and note the coordinates.Instead, jump up and it will fall down allowing you to return along the path later.Each stone will take you to a new location in Ae'gura.This feature acts a bit like a vacation.Leave the Great Zero Antechamber until last.There are a number of translations as to their meaning but I refer to them as: direction, distance and elevation.If you find something new in the Sims 3 World Adventures and want to share it with us, head over to our Sims 3 Forum.As you calibrate each gzmu, you will see the coordinates appear on your.Put your hand in the slot on the dais to program your.

Other members of your Sim's family who come along will also add their travel days to the tally, bringing it up to a potential of 72 days in a foreign land.Some dungeons zoom poker videos are much larger than others and feature many many items.Every Location has a general store where you can purchase supplies for adventuring.New Lifetime Rewards, something I was sorely hoping for in this expansion pack was new options to spend my Lifetime Happiness Points.Location: the balcony overlooking the canyon.Coordinates: 61131, 71, -84.You need to find four more GZMs, they are all located in Ae'gura, Bevin and Kirel.Here we'll go over just what you get when you buy the World Adventures expansion.Go to the Ki slot and shove your hand inside.Brave Sims and Daredevils will do better while adventuring for example.Having a higher level, combined with lifetime rewards and certificates of partnership with those countries will eventually extend the time frame you can stay in a country from three days to a full eighteen with a single Sim.You'll earn visa points and ancient coins, as well as Simoleons from completing these tasks.It's just one more reason to take up the great gardening skill.These can come in the form of collectible item sets, ancient relics and fragments that can be assembled for place on your home lot.
Turn about and climb up to the balcony overlooking the inland sea.
Stairs leading up to a balcony.